Sunday, October 17, 2010

October! :)

So many great things have been happening in the Optional Kindergarten classroom! We've been writing words, writing numbers, discussing stories, counting objects, learning about trees and seasons, singing awesome songs and cutting and pasting! We are writing our names very well, and this week we'll be moving on to our last names!
Last week we had a visitor from Hungary. My sister, Eszter, came to spend the morning with us. She even taught us some Hungarian words! We found Eszter's country on the globe and also learned the name of the ocean she had to fly over on the airplane ride to America. Eszter owns and operates her own school in Budaors, Hungary. She's promised to Skype us and maybe she'll even teach us more Hungarian words! If your child can say thank you in Hungarian and tell you the name of the ocean Eszter flew over to get to Manson, leave the answers on my comment section. I'll have prizes for the correct answers! :)