Wednesday, March 9, 2011

4th Quarter ...Really???

Can you believe our final quarter begins next week? I have to admit, my eyes become quite foggy as I think of your amazing kiddos moving on to Kindergarten. How can I look forward to days without their refreshing smiles, their hilarious stories, their inquisitive facial expressions, their excitement after conquering "the impossible" and of course, their precious hugs. Thankfully, they will only be down the hall next year! :)

The growth your children have made during our journey of Optional Kindergarten is absolutely unbelievable. They are writing, they are sharing, they are counting (to 100, I might add!), they are cutting and pasting, they know the alphabet and sounds letters make. I could go on and on....I truly believe you have given a very special gift to your child. This extra time has blossomed your kiddos into confident little people who are going to knock the socks off their Kindergarten teacher!:)

This month they will have the opportunity to become Kindergartners for a day! Round-up will be March 25th. We will not have school the 24th or 25th. A letter with round-up details was sent the beginning of the week. Please shoot me an email if you haven't received the information.


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